Galion, Ohio beer history…the short version!

alstaetter brewing bottleHow cool would it have been to live back in the days when it seemed like every small town in America had a brewery before prohibition? It would have been cool, but prohibition would have sucked.

Did you know that Galion had a brewery in town for a total of 68 years? According to the website, Galion was home to three different breweries over that time period.

The first was John G. Kraft Brewery, which operated for 29 years from 1851-1880. We don’t know a lot about John G. Kraft, or his brewery, but we’re going to work on it with our friends at the Galion Historical Society!!

Next up was the Henry Alstaetter Brewery, which operated for 21 years from 1880-1901. We are VERY lucky to have acquired a bottle from the brewery that still has an ORIGINAL label on it. This is a rare item, considering it’s anywhere from 116-137 years old. It currently resides on the top of the cooler!!

galion brewing crateThe last brewery to exist in Galion is probably the best known; Galion Brewing Company. Their operations started in 1901 and closed down in 1919. Bottles from the brewery aren’t terribly difficult to locate around Tiger Town. However, we’re fortunate to have found a wooden crate that was used to transport bottle of Galion Standard to watering holes in Galion. This piece of history also rests on top of the cooler!

Hopefully soon we’ll be able to share more information about Galion’s history in the brewing industry. And, who knows. Maybe someday Tiger Town will have another!!??


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