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Weekly Q92 Morning Show – August 25, 2017

In this week’s segment, we sample the Razz-toration Raspberry Summer Wheat ale from Restoration Brew Worx in Delaware and discuss the upcoming food truck events and the new Craft Beer Massage event Sept. 13. Keep up to date with all the taproom happenings at


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Why Eighteen-O-Three?

We get asked this question…A LOT! Believe it or not, the idea wasn’t the first we came up with when trying to decide on a name for the taproom. In fact, our first idea was QUICKLY shot down by our attorney. He’s kind of a smart dude!! 😉

Anyway, so why did we pick Eighteen-O-Three? Quite simple really. We only serve Ohio craft beer and Ohio wines. Ohio became a state on March 1, 1803. A match made in Ohio craft beer heaven!!

Have questions about the taproom? Suggestions for how we can provide a better experience? Drop us an email at


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